Get ready to travel! Even while it seems lovely right now to escape the chilly winter, we’re not talking about a trip to Bermuda. This article is all about undereye bags, those annoying bulges that make you appear exhausted even when you’ve had plenty of sleep. Do you seem worn out? Although I’m sure there are moments when you feel that way, do you ever seem as though you haven’t slept in days or as though you’ve been partying a bit too much (even though you haven’t!)? It seemed unjust.


Under-eye bags are the term for the swollen pockets that develop there. While older folks generally worry about this on an aesthetic level, it doesn’t always indicate ageing. The predisposition to puffiness behind the eyes might be an inherited feature, similar to dark circles, as well as a response to specific lifestyle practices. Even how much fluid you retain in your face and around your eyes can be influenced by your diet. Some people’s under-eye irritation is an allergic reaction to an environmental trigger. Regardless of the cause, it’s critical to be aware of your treatment choices. Both surgical and non-surgical options are included in this. Minor people may even discover that by making some changes, they might enhance the look of under-eye bags.


Undereye bags are a frequent issue for several reasons. Puffy, swollen eyes can be caused by stress, allergies, heredity, water retention, and hormones, among other factors. What is workable? Although you may have seen it on TV, lying back with a cool cucumber slice on each eye is not the best option. Although cucumbers taste great in a salad, they are unsuccessful in treating undereye bags. Several non-surgical cosmetic procedures can assist if you are unable to find comfort at home or are not yet prepared to have surgery to decrease your under-eye bags. While several over-the-counter remedies may be used to smooth the under-eye region, a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Viral Desai at CPLSS Clinic Mumbai/Pune may produce better and more durable results. These non-invasive techniques work to renew the fragile skin around the eyes and tighten the skin.


Although surgery is successful, many of our patients want to forgo invasive procedures if possible. There are several non-surgical solutions available if you have bags under your eyes but aren’t ready for surgery, including:


• Liquid Blepharoplasty

Dermal Fillers

• Botox

• Laser Rejuvenation

• RF

• Skin Boosters Hydration


The best thing is that you may have the procedure done during your lunch break and return to work appearing as though you took a fantastic sleep. This appearance will persist for anywhere between 6 and 18 months. WHAT?! Yes. Really AMAZING With the help of these non-surgical surgical methods for eyelid rejuvenation, you may revive your eyes and get rid of the bags. At the CPLSS Clinic in Mumbai/Pune, Dr Viral Desai is a well-regarded facial plastic surgeon with exceptional skill in eyelid surgery. CPLSS Clinic, however, is always in favour of non-invasive methods that may be utilised to enhance eye look. Make an appointment for your consultation right away to explore your alternatives if you are plagued by persistent puffiness around your eyes.

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