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From the start, patients are encouraged to make as many pre-surgical consultations as they feel they want, with Dr. Viral Desai, to discuss their needs and any fears or uncertainties they may feel. Once the decision to have surgery is made, patients then work closely with Dr. Viral Desai a highly experienced and recognised as the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai to create a surgical plan about which they feel relaxed and confident.

Quality information helps patients to make informed surgical decisions with confidence. It is also essential that patients understand any potential risks or complications, which may arise because, even though these may be rare, they are a part of the informed patients decision-making process. CPLSS has a comprehensive information service for patients, which covers all aspects of plastic surgery, including information booklets written by the most sought-after plastic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Viral Desai, which discusses individual procedures in detail.

Patients need emotional support both before and after surgery, and the recovery phase is particularly important in this regard. If the emotional well being of each patient is carefully attended to during this time, recovery can be a fulfilling and rewarding time, building to a confidence return to normal life. As part of the support service, all patients are provided day by day guidance on what to expect during recovery, including practical advice on handling the highs and lows commonly experienced during this time.

Knowing that their decisions will be kept confidential is essential to patient’s trust and feeling of emotional safety. Dr. Viral Desai, the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai is the founder of CPLSS, the ultra-modern clinic where confidentiality receives the highest priority, with procedures in place to ensure the absolute privacy and confidentiality for every patient.

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