The focus on aesthetics has been increasing nowadays, and people do not wish to entertain any kind of deformity or suffer from any other issue. Facelift surgery is also known as rhytidectomy and is responsible for enhancing the face tone and structure. It becomes crucial that you visit the most efficient and best plastic surgery clinic in Mumbai to get all the information about the treatment. The experienced specialists will examine you and ensure that they guide you for the correct approach to the problem.

On visiting a plastic surgeon, you must make sure that you tell them about your expectations and insecurities. It will help the doctor understand your situation better and provide you with the best alternatives. They will make sure that the ageing in the neck and face is reduced and skin witnesses glow and care.


A facelift is a surgical procedure that involves easing up the sagged face muscles. The entire procedure will enhance the relaxation of the skin. Also, when you start ageing, thin lines start getting formed around your nose and the corners of the mouth. Plastic surgery helps prevent the deepening of the fold lines. Apart from that, people commonly dislike their double chins due to excess fat deposition on the neck and the presence of loose skin. Facelift treatment also corrects issues such as the formation of jowls in the cheeks and jaw.


When you decide to visit a plastic surgery expert in Pune, you must make sure that you have the list of queries you wish to ask about and proceed forward only after receiving a good suggestion. It is mandatory to know if there are some prerequisites before going ahead with the treatment and the right candidate for it.

To get started with the treatment, you must know that you are into the habit of smoking and drinking. If you are indulged in such activities, the plastic surgeon will tell you how to move further. Apart from this, patients who do not suffer from any ailment that prevents healing are good candidates for the treatment. Additionally, you must hold realistic expectations and communicate openly with your doctor.


Usually, cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance. However, the centres for plastic surgery may offer you some packages or financial plans that you can look at and discuss with them. The facelift treatment costs may include anaesthesia fees, medical tests, surgeon’s fees, pre and post-surgery clothes, hospital facility costs, and medicines prescribed.


Also, you should ensure that the plastic surgery clinic you visit in Pune or Mumbai holds good qualifications and is experienced in its field. Your comfort level with the surgeon is as important as the surgery.

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