You must have heard about the term tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. A lot of people have started opting for such treatments in order to make their bodies better. Among so many cosmetic surgeries, the tummy tuck has grabbed the attention of the majority of the population. Also, it becomes important to identify which type of tummy tuck surgery will suit your body best.

If you visit a clinic for tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai, you will get to know that the procedure has got a lot of benefits and helps you to achieve a flatter, firmer and tight belly. This happens through the removal of excess fat from the targeted area along with the tightening of certain abdominal muscles. Well, you must not think that abdominoplasty is for everyone. It all depends on your anatomy and the kind of expectations you have.



If your mid-section has excessive skin and the muscles have been overstretched for a long time, then this treatment is for you. Also known as a traditional tummy tuck, this surgery allows the specialist to operate between your belly button and the hip bones of the lower abdomen. These two body parts are largely involved in the surgery. After the surgery, the muscles become a lot more firm and the skin is pulled down over the abdomen. The recovery period for a classical tummy tuck is nearly 2 weeks.


Some people often experience a small belly pooch that is impossible to be removed by the means of dieting or workout. Here, a horizontal incision is made between hip bones in the lower abdomen. The process, however, does not involve repositioning the belly button. The mini tummy tuck surgery can be performed along with liposuction to get better results.


The extended abdominoplasty serves as an extension of the traditional tummy tuck surgery. If you have excess fat in the hip region and lower abdomen along with the sides of the lower back then the doctor might suggest this surgery. For those aiming for massive weight loss, this surgery is pure bliss. The horizontal incision goes across the lower abdomen and around the hips. The recovery here takes a few weeks.


Often, there are patients who are not satisfied with their upper contour and stay stressed due to that. This condition may arise due to the presence of loose skin in the upper abdomen covering your belly button partially or fully. In such cases, the specialist goes ahead with the process of reverse abdominoplasty. To get rid of the fat deposits as well, the tummy tuck can be done along with liposuction.


If you look for a specialist in Mumbai, you should know what the treatment has to offer you and what the cost of a tummy tuck is. Based on the medical conditions that you are in, the doctor will decide what type of tummy tucks are going to suit you. Also, to get the best results, the process can be modified to get the desired goals.

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