The word “mesotherapy” is derived from the Greek words “meso,” meaning medium or middle, and “therapy,” meaning treatment. In this case, the word “meso” refers to the mesoderm, which is the embryonic middle layer located between the ectoderm and the endoderm. From this middle layer originates all the connective tissue that forms the dermis, and into this layer medicine is injected when Mesotherapy is used.
Mesotherapy, a complement to routine clinical procedures, is performed by injecting minimal amounts of drugs by mesotherapy injections into the skin’s intradermal layer. The amount of drugs in the injections is determined by the injection site’s proximity to the pathology site.
According to the French physician Dr Michel Pistor, who invented Mesotherapy Treatment in 1952, Mesotherapy is an allopathic, light, parenteral, polyvalent, and regionalized technique.
The technique of intradermal injection of small amounts of active medical substances Pistor used among others in the treatment of migraine and chronic complex pain of lower limbs varies. In the years 60.-80. of the 20th century, the method gained recognition amongst dermatologists in the treatment of such diseases as alopecia areata or psoriasis.

1)MYTH – It can be used only for the face.
FACT – Usually we relate mesotherapy to the face. However, we can use it on other body areas like the neck, cleavage, hands, also thighs, buttocks, and belly in anti-cellulite treatment.

2)MYTH – for the young age group.
FACT – It can be used one and for all. It can be used for all age groups and even for old people.

3)MYTH – Many clinics do needleless mesotherapy
FACT – It is always with a needle. Infusing biologically active substances directly in the dermis with small, painless pricks increases procedure efficiency. The technique of small micro-pricks is used to create controlled injury where the natural skin reacts to stimulate epidermis and dermis cells. It results in improving microvasculature in epidermis tissue and increasing fat cell metabolism.

4)MYTH – One session is enough for achieving results.
FACT – meticulously timed multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

5)MYTH – Results from last a lifetime
FACT – With a course of planned 4-6 mesotherapy sessions, patients can expect results to last 12 to 18 months. For optimal results, it is recommended that the patients continue the treatments in order to maintain their desired appearance.

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