Most women immediately contemplate obtaining saline or silicone implants when they consider surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts due to the growing popularity of breast augmentation treatments. Although breast enlargement is the primary goal of implants, many women are equally or even more interested in the position or contour of their breasts.

Instead, a board-certified plastic surgeon expert Dr. Viral Desai may frequently advise these patients to have a breast lift in Mumbai.

This method of breast augmentation targets breast sagging without the use of implants.

A combined breast lift with implants is an alternative to breast augmentation surgery and a breast lift. Patients who are bothered by the size and form of their breasts should benefit most from this cosmetic surgery operation.

In particular, women whose breasts have changed in form and size as a result of aging or motherhood benefit from combined augmentation and lift procedures to restore volume and projection. This thorough reference to breast procedures was put together by the staff at the CPLSS clinic as an introduction to the breast enhancement choices that are accessible to you.

Which breast surgery is right for you?

Should you get breast implants, a lift, or both? Allow us to help you determine whether one procedure is enough or if you need to combine breast augmentation with a lift.

Concern #1: You love your breast shape, but not your breast size –  a breast augmentation alone is the ideal option

Concern #2: You like the size of your breasts, but they are sagging. – breast lift

Concern #3: You do not like your breast shape, and your breasts are sagging. – combining breast augmentation and lifting often makes the most sense

Concern #4: You do not like your breast size and breast shape. – breast augmentation and lift


There is a fantastic alternative for you whether you want your breasts to be bigger, smaller, or more symmetrical. A variety of various procedures can be used to alter the size and form of your nipples as well as your breasts. Are you prepared to explore your alternatives further in-depth? Knowing your alternatives is crucial because there are so many possibilities available. Getting help from an expert is the ideal way to get going. Dr. Viral Desai, a specialist in natural-looking breast augmentation and breast lifts, offers consultations so that you can understand more about your options.

Dr. Viral Desai will thoroughly explain the procedure to you at your consultation and address all of your questions. owing to his cutting-edge technology. You can schedule a consultation with our amiable patient care staff at CPLSS Clinic Mumbai to learn more about surgery.

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