Myths have existed for as long as facts have. Humans have been bothered by them for centuries. There is a myth associated with every method of treatment, custom, or conviction. We have attempted to dispel a few widespread misconceptions regarding non-surgical cosmetic procedures in this post.

Many individuals may be cautious to think about non-surgical procedures like chemical peels, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injectables, and CoolSculpting because they frequently think that they will do more damage than good. For you to recognise non-surgical procedures for what they are – simple, inexpensive, non-invasive alternatives to surgical treatments for beauty – the great cosmetic surgeon Dr. Viral Desai would like to dispel some of the fallacies that are frequently associated with them.

Myth: Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not safe.
Fact: Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are relatively safe when administered by a qualified professional. They usually have minimal side effects and no downtime.

Myth: Non-surgical treatments do not produce lasting results.
Fact: Non-surgical treatments are designed to provide long-lasting results, although the exact duration of their effects varies depending on the type of treatment.

Myth: Non-surgical treatments are too expensive.
Fact: Non-surgical treatments can be more affordable than surgical procedures. Depending on the type of procedure, some treatments may be covered by insurance.

Myth: Non-surgical treatments require little to no maintenance.
Fact: Non-surgical treatments may require maintenance to keep the results looking fresh. To maintain the results, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your doctor.

Myth: Non-surgical treatments can make you look “fake”.
Fact: Non-surgical treatments can help you achieve a natural, balanced look. It is important to discuss your aesthetic goals with your doctor to ensure the best results.

Myth: Non-surgical treatments can fix any problem area.
Fact: Non-surgical treatments are designed to improve the appearance of certain problem areas. However, they may not be able to correct major issues.

Myth: Non-surgical treatments are only for women.
Fact: Non-surgical treatments are not just for women. Men can also benefit from non-surgical treatments to improve their appearance.

“I’m on my own with cosmetic treatments” is the final myth to dispel. Simply said, this is untrue. The great board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Viral Desai is here to assist you at any point in the process if you want to talk about cosmetic procedures, have any worries, or desire to ask questions. contact me at CPLSS Clinic Mumbai/Pune, and we will appoint you in-person consultation during which Dr. Viral Desai will offer you an honest opinion on the treatments that are and are not right for you, including wrinkle-relaxing injections, fillers, Profhilo, and skincare items.

CPLSS clinic is the best cosmetic clinic in Mumbai/Pune, run by the great cosmetic surgeon Dr. Viral Desai a qualified specialist in non-surgical facial aesthetics. He is passionate about natural-looking enhancements and works hard to give the industry a good name, built on ethical, qualified, and honest practices. CPLSS clinic provides a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments for patients in Mumbai/Pune.

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